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About Us

How It Started

We were sitting around, after dinner, discussing potatoes (as you do) and trying to decide how many different types of potato dish existed. Having established fairly quickly that roast, mashed, baked and boiled could not possibly represent the sum total of the potatoes existence in the culinary world, we set about looking for some sort of online-potato-recipe-database. After idly searching for a while, we concluded that, despite all recipe resources the internet has to offer, we could do better. Much better. Here we are, a professional chef and a professional web designer—let’s put together a proper cooking web site, so that we can share, with the rest of the country and maybe the rest of the World, our knowledge and delight in cooking real food really well.

At that stage, it was just an after-dinner chat, which was fun and provided another evenings entertainment. Of course, we naturally assumed that, like the rock band we never formed, the clothing label we never started and that off-shore, deep-sea oil drilling debacle, it would never get off the ground. But we carried on talking about it, and then, incredibly, we started cooking, and photographing and writing. And here it is!


andyAndy has been cooking all his life, as far as he can remember. He developed his first signature dish at the age of 10 – it was pears poached in red wine, the recipe for which appears, almost unaltered, on this website. Since training in London, Andy has worked in several restaurants, including the prestigious Cliveden House in Berkshire. He is chiefly responsible for the construction of the recipes on the site, and for cooking them.


benBen began his professional life as a typographic designer, specialising in the creation of new typefaces (fonts), having graduated from Reading university with a degree in typography. He has subsequently been designing in a wide variety of screen-based formats, focusing especially on web sites. Ben is responsible for the design, photography and coding of the site, and also providing creative input to the recipes and assistance in testing and eating the results.